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Welcome to B2BWeb.quebec, your graphic design partner in Montreal. Create a unique logo that represents your brand and captivates your audience by collaborating with our specialized graphic design team. Find out how our expertise can bring the essence of your business to life today.


Boost your graphic presence with B2BWeb.quebec, your graphic design partner in Montreal. Discover our 5 key steps:

  1. Understand your business: In-depth consultation to understand your values, branding goals and industry.
  2. Concept creation: Development of personalized concepts by playing with shapes, colors, typography and symbols.
  3. Design refinement: Careful refinement of the design for complete consistency with your brand and an accurate representation of your business.
  4. Presentation of the final design: Detailed presentation of the finalized logo with explanation of the design choices and consideration of your modifications.
  5. Final logo delivery: Providing files in various formats and resolutions for easy use across all your marketing channels.

Call on B2BWeb.quebec, your creative partner in graphic design, and capture the attention of your audience today.

5 Step Graphic Design Process

Our process for
logo design


.01 Understanding your business

We start with an in-depth consultation to grasp your values, branding ambitions, and industry specifics.


.02 Creation of concepts

Our graphic design team, armed with our understanding, works on developing fully customized concepts. We explore a variety of design ideas, playing with shapes, colors, typography, and symbols.


.03 Design Refinement

Once you've selected the logo concept that resonates with you the most, we move on to the refinement stage. Every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure perfect alignment with your brand's identity and a faithful representation of your business.


.04 Presentation of the final design

We then present the finalized logo in detail. We provide in-depth explanations of our design choices and welcome all your questions and suggestions. If you wish to make adjustments, we incorporate them quickly and meticulously to meet your expectations.


.05 Delivery of the final logo

Finally, once you're completely satisfied with the design, we proceed with the delivery of the final logo in various formats and resolutions. You'll receive all the necessary files to start using your logo across all your marketing materials, from websites to social media, business cards, and brochures. Each file is optimized to ensure impeccable quality and smooth use across all your communication channels.